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Let’s face it: business is not always a fair game. At petsche pollak we combine years of experience in advising and representing clients in national as well as cross-border disputes. Having a strong economic background and impeccable understanding of the public court and prosecution system, our firm specifically focuses on commercial dispute resolution. We serve as dependable partner through litigation, arbitration, out-of-court negotiations and ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution).

Guarding Our Clients’ Interests
Together with our clients, we develop dispute resolution and defense strategies fitting the specific needs, legal and economic risks. We implement the appropriate measures to enforce their rights and protect their interests.

Minimizing Conflict Risk
However, disputes are best to be prevented before arising. Thus, we pride ourselves on designing appropriate strategies and safeguards to minimize the legal and economic risks of potential conflicts and white collar crime allegations.

Successful Litigation PR
As favorable public opinion – and, thus, the constructive outcome of a matter – strongly depends on positive media coverage we closely collaborate with experts from other professions such as PR specialists.


petsche pollak offers more than 15 years of experience in advising and representing clients in national and cross-border litigation. Litigation is, thus, the heart of our practice. Our team combines eclectic skills, which is why we offer a broad range of litigation related services with a focus on high level commercial litigation. Our in-depth economic know-how covers all sectors and industries, including engineering, construction, manufacturing, automotive, food as well as banking and insurance.

Core Expertise

  • Engineering and Construction Disputes
  • Turnkey Project Disputes
  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain Disputes
  • Distribution Law Disputes
  • Unfair Competition Law
  • Product Liability
  • Intellectual Property Disputes
  • Corporate and D&O Liability
  • Post-M&A Conflicts
  • Pre-trial Dispute Management
  • Pre-trial Dispute Prevention

In a wide and complex field like arbitration, petsche pollak’s in-depth expertise, hands-on experience and legal finesse make the difference. Our experts are known for their resourceful and effective advocacy in institutional as well as ad-hoc arbitration proceedings. They skillfully lead clients through any cross-border and national conflict. Among our team are accomplished practitioners and academics who act as party counsels and arbitrators in every jurisdiction, arbitral forum and industry sector, especially in investment and commercial disputes. Clients rely on our know-how. They trust our legal skills and instincts. Our team has successfully represented corporations and governments in proceedings conducted inter alia under the rules of the ICC, ICSID and UNCITRAL.

Core Expertise

  • Investment Disputes
  • Commercial Disputes (especially related to sales,distribution, and licensing conflicts)
  • Warranty and Breach of Contract Disputes
  • Corporate and D&O Liability
  • Post-M&A Conflicts
  • Joint Venture Conflicts
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Pre-Trial Dispute Management
  • Pre-Trial Dispute Prevention
White collar crime

Uniting vast expertise as public prosecutors and criminal defenders with in-depth economic know-how makes petsche pollak one of the most distinguished white collar crime law firms in Austria.

Based on our exceptional understanding of the Austrian legal system and its law enforcement authorities, we render comprehensive assistance regarding any aspect of white collar crime matters. We act as defense counsels and manage matters with high level of public interest. If a corporate client faces criminal allegations, we conduct internal investigations and assist the management board in handling corporate crises. To prevent criminal allegations, we support our clients by jointly designing appropriate compliance measures, including codes of conduct and whistleblowing solutions tailored towards the specific economic and organizational needs.

Core Expertise

  • Combatting Corruption, Business Fraud, Embezzlement, and Other Economic Crimes
  • Criminal Defense
  • Fending-off Industrial Espionage
  • Aspects of Unfair Competition
  • Managing Criminal D&O Liability
  • Whistleblowing Solutions
  • Internal Investigations

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